Southern Enduro Riders Association Hall of Fame

The SERA Hall of Fame was established in 2011 at the suggestion of long-time SERA member Byrle Stockstill, for the purpose of recognizing individuals who have made lasting contributions to the Southern Enduro Riders Association and the sport of off-road motorcycle competition who otherwise might never know the level of appreciation felt by those who are aware of those contributions and what they meant to generations of off-road racers and riders in the south.


2019 SERA Hall of Fame Inductees

Charles Ousley


Yet another longtime supporter of our sport, and patriarch of the 

legendary Ousley Racing family, who left us much too early.

Mike Armistead

Tireless competitor and one of the hardest-working club members 

in the SERA for longer than most of us can recall.

Sherry Comeaux

Longtime competitor and dedicated AMA District 19 Representative whose 

contributions to the sport and SERA helped mold the organization we know today.

Mike Reynolds

Major contributor to our sport and SERA through the use of Reynolds Pasture 

and other family property for the running of the Gobbler-Getter Enduro.

Jake Morris

One of the original members of the Ridgerunners Enduro Team

and avid supporter of the SERA for several decades. 


2018 SERA Hall of Fame Inductees

Leland Sumrall 

 Another one of SERA's All-Around Nice Guys whom we lost too early; always willing to help any club that needed help with an event & an avid supporter of our sport, particularly our Youth Riders.

Gary Goff

Served in numerous SERA Officer positions for several years culminating with term as 1998 & 1999 SERA Chairman. 

Buddy Pierce 

Largely responsible for keeping the Ridgerunners' record of annual enduro events unbroken since 1976 by (more than once) personally securing the use of "new ground" when access to traditional event locations was lost.

Glenn Hunt 

Served in various SERA Officer positions culminating with a 3-year term as SERA Chairman for 1993, 1994 & 1995. Possibly holds record for most 21st Overall Season Finishes without breaking into the Top 20.

Tom Barr 

Set a shining example for the rest of us in not allowing "advanced age" to interfere with the love of the sport, in addition to making SERA & enduro riding a true family recreational activity.


2017 Inductees in the SERA Hall of Fame!

Bernie Malone

Longtime member of the Louisiana Trailriders, before going on to establish the Breezy Hill Enduro Club in 1989. 1989 SERA Sportsman of the Year / 2001 SERA Distinguished Service Award Recipient.

Tom Tarver

Founding member of the Breezy Hill Enduro Club. 2001 SERA Distinguished Service Award Recipient. One of the nicest guys to ever work for the Law Enforcement Branch of the U.S. Forest Service.

Dexter Leadbeater

Dedicated and revered leader of the Florida Panhandle Trailriders who, in a relatively short period of organizing SERA Sanctioned events built a much deserved reputation for being one of the best ever. He is sadly missed by all who knew him. 

Lewis Whatley

Prominent member of the Central Mississippi Enduro Team and former SERA Points Steward back in the days before computer scoring, when everything was calculated and recalculated with pencil and paper. 

Dwight Rudder

Louisiana Trailriders club member. A more hardcore enthusiast with a longer record of consistent competition at all levels likely does not exist within our ranks. Although his greatest contribution to SERA may well be marrying his devoted wife Debbie. 


2016 inductees into the SERA Hall of Fame!

Carl Ivey

Owner of Village Cycle Center in Starkville, MS; 

a longtime avid supporter & participant in SERA Events. 

Mike Gillespie

Owner of Mike's Cycle Supply in Baton Rouge, LA & one of SERA's longest supporting dealers.

Ed Bowen

One of the hardest-working SERA members in recent history (regardless of whether he was currently a member of the SERA Management) & an excellent example of what has made SERA the well-known family-oriented organization of which we are so proud.

Carolyn Reed

Yet another outstanding example of what makes SERA such a gleaming example of family-related recreation. Matriarch of the Reed family of prior & potential-future SERA Overall Champions & longtime seriously dedicated "over-seer" of the SERA Kids' Series.

Cliff Ousley


Another one of our 'Nice Guys' taken away too early. Through his accomplishments in tough competition & his ability to impress others with his cordial personality, he showed the rest of us not only how to win but also, more importantly, how to be a winner. 


2015 Inductees

Neal Cooper


Longtime dedicated member of the Masterlinks Enduro Team. A serious competitor and good friend. One of the people who helped make the Southern Enduro Riders Association the true family-oriented organization that it continues to be.

Charlotte Knight

Multi-term SERA Secretary/Treasurer in the pre-computer days when keeping track of all the necessary information could be an arduous and often thankless task. Dedicated supporter of three generations of the Knight Family of old-time enduro racers.

Debbie Rudder

Without doubt one of the most dedicated non-racing members that SERA has ever known. Vastly supportive of the sport and fiercely devoted to always doing what is best for the SERA.

Mike Cantrell

Pre-historic member of the Central Mississippi Enduro Team. SERA Hare-Scramble Series Chairman during the first three years of its struggle to survive in the early 1990's. Another rider who made enduro a family affair.

Kenny Royster

Dedicated member of the Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club. Always ready and willing to lend a hand to make the enduro experience the best it can be for everyone riding a PMMC event. Grand Old Man of multiple generations of enduro riders in the Royster family.

John Reed

Head of the three-generation Racing Reed family. Hard working and dedicated ring-leader of the Louisiana Trailriders. Former SERA officer responsible for numerous positive changes through the years.

Edwin Petty

Longtime dedicated member of the Clanton Track & Trail Club. AMA District 43 Congressman. Another one of the good guys that have helped make SERA the family organization that it has been for over four decades.

Royce Guidry

What can I say ? Not another one like him anywhere.

SERA simply wouldn't be the same without him. One of the oldest (if not THE oldest) AMA Congressmen currently serving. Member of the Louisiana Trailriders.

Ray Melton

Old-time enduro rider who took "early retirement" once upon a time only to resurrect his enduro-riding endeavor with the next two generations of Meltons. Longtime dedicated member of the Ridgerunners Enduro Team of Mississippi. Vital part of the 2007 effort that resulted in Ridgerunners enduros returning to the Desoto National Forest's Tiger Creek area.

Doty Pizzolato

Where would we be without him ?

SERA's longtime Saturday Night Preacher and hard working member of the Louisiana Trailriders. One of the nicest guys around and always quick with a word of encouragement when we need it most.


2014 Inductees

Jimmy Gentry - SERA Life Member 880

The Southern Gentleman... Longtime hard-working member of the Clanton Track & Trail Enduro Club, responsible for much of the success of CT&T events through recent years. One of the nicest guys around in a sport with a lot of really nice people.

Glenn Hollingshead - SERA Life Member 433

What can I say ? The first name that comes to mind whenever Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club or Maplesville comes up in a conversation. The list of accomplishments & contributions is much too long to include here. Another one of "the good guys" of SERA who has been a good friend, a tough competitor and a mentor for young riders for more years than a lot of us care to admit we've been around.

Randy J. Parke - SERA Life Member 897

One of SERA's most passionate members, supporters & activists for many years. Immensely dedicated to the youth riders/racers involved in our sport. Former SERA Chairman with the longest continuous term in SERA history & responsible for growing the Ridgerunners Enduro Team into the powerhouse club that it became during his extended time as club president.

Ron Pruitt  - SERA Life Member 818

Prominent member of the North Alabama Trail Riders Association; multi-year SERA Officer; always willing to help any club needing an extra helping hand; frequently seen, over a span of many years, helping various clubs calculate "old school" enduro scores (when most people didn't even know how to figure Tie-Breaker Points) after first having ridden the event; the only current SERA Member known to have actually been at Woodstock in 1969. 


Robert R. Rockco - SERA Life Member 009

Longtime member of Gulfcoast Sandblasters leadership; former SERA Points Steward; AMA District 19 Representative; NOHVCC Representative for Mississippi; one half (along with fellow SERA Hall of Famer Terry Webb) of the founding duo of the Grumpy Old Men Off-Road Racing Coalition. Charter Member of the Friends of Rattlesnake Bay volunteer group which helped facilitate the reopening of the RSB OHV Trail in 2014. 

*The next inductee was the first nomination I received after posting notice that the nomination process was open & was the most difficult to decide to accept. The basis for the nomination was the "long list of contributions made to the SERA & the sport of off-road racing/riding." After much thought & consideration, I settled on the conclusion that the only way I could comfortably accept the nomination would be to also include the small group of dedicated individuals without whose direct involvement that "long list of contributions" would be very short or, more likely, would never have existed. 

Fred Pittman - SERA Life Member 452

President of the Mississippi Hi-Point Enduro Riders since 1991; staunch defender of the rights of off-road recreational use of National Forest Land; ring-leader of the small contingent of enduro riders responsible for original establishment of Rattlesnake Bay OHV Trail & central member of relatively small coalition (Friends of Rattlesnake Bay) responsible for getting RSB Trail officially reopened following the 11-year "temporary closure"; 16-year-old dirt-biker trapped in the aging body of an over-the-hill trail-rider; all-around nice guy, for the most part.

Glynn E. "Mouse" Kitchens, Jr.


Old-time enduro rider from back in the day when "If you finished, you probably won your class..." (quote attributed to former SERA Chairman Don Knight) who spent a full five years working to convince me to go ride an enduro, took me to my first enduro and made sure that it was not to be my last. Everything I have accomplished during my involvement with the SERA was originally inspired & motivated by this man who refused to take "No" for an answer.

Bob Sills - SERA Life Member 365

Charter Member of Mississippi Hi-Point Enduro Riders & the absolute most dependable partner an Event Coordinator could ask for. Dedicated, beyond all reasonable expectations, to making sure everything humanly possible (plus some things not humanly possible) was covered for Race Day. One of only four people involved in each and every MHPER event held since the late 1980's. Charter Member of Friends of Rattlesnake Bay.

Blaine Sills - SERA Life Member 885


Charter Member of Mississippi Hi-Point Enduro Riders; a premier example of dedication to our sport from both the rider/racer point of view and the event-sponsoring perspective. Second of only four people involved in each and every MHPER event since the late 1980's. The only SERA Member without a Series Top-20 or Class Win whose name appears in each & every set of SERA Year-End Series Results for over 20 years; right up until his final Season before passing away, much too soon, 4 days after finally winning the Enduro 50+ B Class. 

Brenda Pittman - SERA Member 462

The single person, never to have ridden an off-road racing event, without whose involvement and support most MHPER events since 1989 would have been virtually impossible. Totally dedicated and committed to doing practically anything needed to help insure the success of the club's numerous endeavors. The only person I know ever willing to take on the (often thankless) task of running an enduro Sign-Up with no assurance of additional personnel to help with the semi-organized chaos.


2013 Inductees

Ed Larosche


Inducted in recognition of countless contributions to our sport. Ed pioneered the development of Electronic Scoring for our Hare-Scramble Series, spending countless hours building, testing & improving the first computer-based scoring system widely used for off-road racing in our region. He was an avid supporter of our Kids' Series, resurrected the SERA Newsletter & was serving his seventh consecutive year as a SERA Officer at the time of his untimely departure from this world.

Ray Fagan


Inducted in recognition of his devotion to the sport of motorcycling & numerous contributions, specifically to preserving access to Public Lands for not only riding & racing motorcycles but all forms of responsible family recreation. He founded Dirt Pilot Magazine in 1994 for the purpose of promoting communication among dirt-bike riders in the Southeast. Soon after, he was instrumental in organizing a number of formal gatherings, known as the Southern Dirt Summits, in order to bring like-minded individuals together to develop strategies & workable plans for preserving his beloved sport & access to trails for riding & racing. We may never know the full extent of the benefits derived from participation in Ray's Southern Dirt Summits. 


2012 Inductees

Inducted in recognition of and appreciation for their landmark contributions during their term as 1989/1990 SERA Chairman and SERA Secretary-Treasurer respectively; most specifically the creation and establishment of the SERA Hare-Scramble Series and the SERA Kids' Race Series:

Jonny Kemp SERA Life Member # 246

Karen Kemp SERA Life-Member # 247


2011 Inaugural Inductees

Inducted in recognition of being the only remaining First-Year Members who have maintained continuous membership throughout the existence of the SERA:

Ron Burks SERA Life-Member # 001

Terry Webb SERA Life-Member # 008

John Burgard, Sr. SERA Life-Member # 026

Don Knight SERA Life-Member # 036

Kevin Taylor SERA Life-Member # 097

Doug McKee SERA Life-Member # 167