Kids point standings

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Kids Classes numbering system for 2019


There is a change in the Kids classes numbering system for the 2019 season. 

The kids will have permanent numbers for this season.

Contact Joe Ferguson at and request a number prior to first event or take what is available for their class at sign up.

The class numbers are as follows...

Beginner Pee Wee          100 - 199
50CC 4 to 6 10" tire        200 - 299
50CC 4 to 8 12" tire        300 - 399

Super Mini                      400 - 499

Vet                                    500 - 599
Intermediate                   600 - 699
Vet Girls                           700 - 799
Intermediate Girls         800 - 899


Cajun Classic Beginner Pee Wee's

Cajun Classic Pee Wee's

Cajun Classic Big Kids

Meridian Sprint Enduro PeeWee's

Meridian Sprint Enduro Big Kids part 1

Meridian Sprint Enduro Big Kids part 2

Gobbler Getter PeeWee's

Kids event Information

The latest information specifically for the SERA kids events can be found here.
The kids Series Point Standings is combined into the last tab of the adults points standing found here.