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Changes to the Beginner Pee Wee Class Beginner Pee Wee Class: Participants will be of ages 4-6 years old. They may ride a mini-cycle with an engine displacement no larger than 50cc with single speed transmissions and automatic clutches. All mini-cycles in this class must be approved by the SERA Kids Race Committee and by the SERA Club Council. This class is intended for the smallest of riders and as a guideline the seat height may not be taller than 20.5 (in the mini-cycles original form) and must be air cooled. Engine modifications may not be made to enhance performance. The SERA has made an exception for the Honda CRF50 and Yamaha TTR50 to be allowed in this class. Listed below are the approved bikes and should be listed on entry forms: Yamaha PW50                                                                  Seat height 19.1 Suzuki JR50                                                                        Seat height 18.9 Kawasaki KDX50                                                               Seat height 18.9  KTM Mini Adventure (stock 2007 and older)              Seat height 20.5 Honda CRF50                                                                    Seat height 21.6 Yamaha TTR50                                                                  Seat height 21.9